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Introducing FMF

FMF Intro

Jaqui Shaffer introduces ‘Find Me Famous’ (FMF) small business online marketing services. FMF helps Michigan small business owners get more customers through targeted local search marketing, and integrating online, social, mobile and offline marketing strategies. We deliver a comprehensive local Michigan SEO solution to transform …

Google + Local SEO

At a fraction of the cost, top rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo can drive more new customer leads to your business than full-page ads or phone book listings. Like never before, search engines are a critical part of your overall business marketing plan. …

Mobile Websites, Mobile Marketing

Today you could be losing 10-20% or more (up to 30% if you own a restaurant!) of your new customer leads every month due to a lack of or poorly mobile-optimized site. A 140% increase in smartphone activations took place over the holidays which means 2012 …

Online Video Marketing

People like to be able to relate to other people and visual media attracts attention and draws people in. The more you can connect with your prospective customers, the greater the likelihood they will remember …

Your (Online) Reputation

Like it or not, your business HAS an online reputation and it’s something you can’t afford to ignore. Negative reviews posted about you can easily cost you 90% of potential new business who will pass on you for another with better ratings, legitimate or not. How you …


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Michigan SEO Internet Marketing – “Find Me Famous”

Rating by Mike Dundon,
Royal Oak Real Estate
: 5.0 stars

Jaqui is the best! She’s exceptionally knowledgeable on the subject of online marketing….Most importantly, she’s incredibly trustworthy and will get you the most bang for your buck. She won’t sell you what you don’t need.She’s very accessible and has the ability to explain this complicated subject in a way that an ordinary person can understand.

SEO Friendly Websites

We believe a SEO friendly website is an integral piece of the foundation needed to build a strong online presence in marketing your Michigan small business. For all our clients in need of a website or site face lift, we wholeheartedly recommend utilizing the SEO friendly WordPress platform with a SEO custom built or quality SEO enhanced customizable theme.

Facebook Pages

Every local business needs at least a custom or optimized business Facebook fanpage, whether you intend to post regularly or launch an ad campaign or not. Why? Because Facebook pages are being returned in online page 1 search results — so again, if you don’t have a Facebook business fanpage, you can’t show up in potential customer searches! And if you aren’t showing up there, you know someone else, like your competitor, is.  Those 10 organic search spots, plus the maps section on page 1, are going to show links for someone — wouldn’t you rather it was you?


Mobile Websites

Do you know how many people are searching for your business from their mobile devices? Probably more than you think.  We’ve been tracking our client’s mobile visitor trends and watching it steadily rising here in SE Michigan to between 10 – 20%  mobile visitors – up to 30% for Restaurants.  This means, if you haven’t yet given any attention to your mobile visitors, you could be losing 10-30% or more of your new customer leads every month due to a lack of or a poorly mobile optimized site. (Click for Mobile Website Samples.)

We can help put tools in place that will first monitor and report exactly how much of your online traffic is visiting with smart phones or other mobile devices – AND we can put together a SEO mobile friendly site that your mobile visitors will see  automatically to ensure their online experience with you is optimal, easy to navigate and provides a superior user experience compared to your competition.


Do you know WHY your business needs to be on Page 1 of Google?  How about some numbers:

– 90% of consumers search online for local products and services before buying.
– 95% of all online searchers visit links found on Page 1 of their search results.
– 65 – 72% of all online searchers visit links found on Page 1 in positions 1, 2 or 3.
– Google is still the most used search engine, with Bing and Yahoo rounding out the top three.

Clearly with numbers like that, compared to other marketing methods, your best chance of getting in front of the majority of potential customers looking for you is to make sure you are being found on the first page of search results for your specialty in your local geographical area.  How well your brand and web presence is visible on Google can have a huge difference for your overall business.  An estimated 7 out of 10 people are using Google compared to any other search engine.  Therefore, if you’re not positioned highly in Google, you are missing out on those potential new customers — who are now finding one of your competitors there instead.


Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

JS Associates’ Find Me Famous (FMF) SEO services provides customized internet marketing solutions primarily to Michigan small businesses in Mid- and SE- Michigan, from metro Ann Arbor, Brighton, Lansing, Midland, Tri Cities, Detroit city and metropolitan suburban communities. Internet marketing with our ‘Find Me Famous’ programs consist of local search engine optimization (SEO), mobile media marketing, online video marketing and social media marketing integrated with your offline marketing efforts.

We deliver a targeted Michigan SEO solution to transform your web presence – with a focus on customized internet marketing solutions that increase leads and sales.  If your website is nothing more than an online business brochure and doesn’t provide you a regular stream of sales leads – let the specialists at JS Associates – Michigan SEO Internet Marketing and our proven ‘Find Me Famous’ online marketing program help you.

Michigan’s Find Me Famous SEO Online Marketing programs deliver impressive results for clients through Michigan search engine optimization and Michigan social media marketing.

For questions or to explore options, contact us today.