FAQ for Michigan SEO Internet Marketing

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with Find Me Famous Small Business Online Marketing programs


I want my business found consistently online, but where do I begin?

No worries! We’ll work with you upfront to analyze your current online marketing situation, and based on your goals, we’ll put together the components you need in a step-by-step plan to get you where you want to be in the quickest amount of time and within your budget.

What about my current website?

To make you Famous, we will develop a unique online presence that will not interfere with your current website, unless you are specifically requesting a site update or redesign. However, we can work with you to link your existing online information to your newly enhanced presence to further increase the strength of your online profile if you so choose.

How much does it cost for people to Find Me Famous?

We offer customized packages with pricing to fit your business needs, size & budget. If you just need to add a specific component, such as Facebook ads or SEO or Reputation Monitoring, to your existing marketing program, we can help develop that piece to complement your current programs. If you are starting from scratch, we’ll work with you to develop a marketing plan which includes all the core components which can then be launched in coordinated phases. Check out our FMF Programs and Services and feel free to talk to us about your ideas or questions, no obligation.

What if I want to change something later? Can I customize my package?

Absolutely! From the get-go we work with you one-on-one to determine the marketing services that will give you the biggest impact for your unique business, then build your package around that base. Ongoing, you may want to shift to an enhanced support package in preparation for a big event, month or season, then shift back to your maintenance package the next month. Or, you may want to change up each month with a different ‘A la carte’ service such as a custom e-Newsletter or Online Video or Online Ad campaign with Facebook, Google, or Yahoo!. We’re here to make it easy to get the best value from your advertising dollars.

What about my local competitors? Are they already your clients?

We only accept FMF Clients of a particular professional niche to one geographic target market area at a time so that we do not have competing business specialties within our active FMF clientele. In other words, if we already have an active FMF client who is a Residential Roofing Contractor in Brighton, we will not accept another residential roofing contractor for Brighton. So give us a call and claim your niche & location before your competition does!

I already have a website but I do not know if its working very well...

Many businesses have a website which is usually set up like a static brochure introducing their company, but it’s not generating traffic and visitors, so it’s not bringing people to your door — it’s not making money. And without a search optimized site, it’s often hard for people to find it even when they’re looking for exactly what you have to sell. If people search for your specialty online, is your business coming up in at the top of their search results? If not, which competitor are they finding instead? By implementing the FMF system, we make sure they are finding YOU.

You talk about online LOCAL marketing but online is everywhere, right?

You’re right – it is called the World Wide Web!

But for most local businesses, YOUR customers aren’t world wide, they’re right here in our own communities. Most people want to make their buying decisions locally — they WANT to find YOU. You just need to be easy to find! By making you Famous, we make sure you get found by your target audience so more customers are coming to you!

Our expertise is in using specific systems and technology with the internet for local search marketing strategies which help support local business in targeted geographic areas. And, particularly with the current financial climate, we want to do what we can to help our own local economies.

Although we work with clients through out the state, we’ve been mostly working with local businesses in the lower mid to SE Michigan counties of Midland, Washtenaw, Livingston, Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb.

The FMF Team members are big fans of Michigan!

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